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Talent Roster 

Erika Harlacher

ERIKA HARLACHER Persona 5 | Hunter x Hunter | Danganronpa | Yokai Watch

Justin Briner

JUSTIN BRINER My Hero Academia | Cardcaptor Sakura | Space Patrol Luluco

Daman Mills

DAMAN MILLS NANBAKA | Yuri on Ice | DragonBall Super| Tokyo Ghoul:re

Kira Buckland

KIRA BUCKLAND NieR: Automata | Soul Caliber | Street Fighter | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

BILLY KAMETZ Jojo's Bizzare Adventure | Persona 5 | The Rising of the Shield Hero | Cells at Work!


KAIJI TANG Detective Pikachu | Megalo Box| Fire Emblem | FateStay/Night

Natalie Hoover

NATALIE HOOVER Danganronpa | Cardcaptor Sakura | Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen | Double Decker

Christopher Guerrero

CHRIS GUERRERO Overlord | Escaflowne | BattleBorn | One Piece | Double Decker

Zach Aguilar

ZACH AGUILAR One Punch Man | Mobile Suit Gundam | Fate/Apocrypha


MORGAN BERRY My Hero Academia | One Piece | Tokyo Ghoul | DragonBall Super

GRIFFIN PUATU Mobile Suit Gundam | Fireworks | WarioWare Gold


CAITLYN ELIZABETH Mobile Suit Gundam | Little Witch Academia | MapleStory 2

Marissa Lenti

MARISSA LENTI Fairy Tail | NANBAKA | DragonBall Super | One Piece

Megan Emerick

MEGAN EMERICK Ouran High School Host Club | Blood Blockade Battlefront

Alex Moore

ALEX MOORE Noragami Aragoto | A Certain Scientific Railgun | Keijo!!!!!!!

Tom Bauer

TOM BAUER Secret of Mana | Hunter x Hunter | Mobile Suit Gundam

Daniel J. Edwards

DANIEL J. EDWARDS Yu-Gi-Oh! | Pokémon | Psychic School Wars

Christina Kelly

CHRISTINA KELLY Black Bullet | Log Horizon | Girls Und Panzer

Katie Leigh

KATIE LEIGH Pokémon | Yokai Watch | My Little Pony

Steve Kramer

STEVE KRAMER Bleach | Naruto | Dynasty Warriors | BlazBlue